On the evening of May 13, 2024, at Fenway Park, the Tampa Bay Rays are scheduled to clash with the Boston Red Sox under a clear sky, commencing at 07:10 PM. Pitching for the Rays will be Zach Eflin, who holds a 3.750 ERA, while Kutter Crawford, with a commendable 1.748 ERA, will take the mound for the Red Sox.

As of now, the Rays are 10th in the 2024 AL East Division, with a 20-21 record, reflecting a winning percentage of 0.49 and securing a 4th place in divisional games with a 4-6 record. They have achieved 6 wins out of their last 10 games but are coming off a recent loss. Their home and away records stand at 14-12 and 6-9 respectively, with the team having scored 167 runs while allowing 199 runs. The Red Sox, ranked 8th in the division with a 21-19 record (winning percentage of 0.53), have had a challenging divisional play, losing all three division games. Recently, they are on a two-game win streak with a record of 9-10 at home and a more favorable 12-9 on the road.

For those interested in the betting aspect, the odds present an intriguing opportunity. The point spread is set at 1.5, with an over/under of 8.5, suggesting expectations for a moderately high-scoring game. The money line for the Rays is marked at +101, indicative of their slight underdog status against the Red Sox, who stand at -121. This setup paints a picture where the Red Sox are slightly favored at home, making this matchup a closely watched affair for both fans and bettors.